Ms. Beth Hill @ ECMS


Classroom Policies


All policies listed in the student handbook also apply in my classroom.

Routines and procedures make the classroom run more smoothly.  We will spend a lot of time learning these procedures, and everyone is expected to follow them every day.  

Check the CHAMPs board to the right of the SmartBoard for information specific to each activity.

A few things to remember. . .

      *You need your class binder, data binder, both textbooks, paper, pencil, and a library/personal book or magazine EVERY DAY, no exceptions.

      *Leave all unnecessary materials in your locker. 
This includes, but is not limited to coats, backpacks, tote bags, food, make-up, toys, CD  players, iPods, cameras, phones, and materials that are not being used for classwork.  The teacher reserves the right to ask any student to put items in the locker if they are a distraction in the classroom.

      *Always do your best work.