Ms. Beth Hill @ ECMS


Classroom Supply List


All 8th grade ELA students are required to provide the following materials themselves:

                     *  one 2-pocket folder (hole-punched to fit in binder)

     *  binder (ONE binder for all classes)

     *  one single-subject spiral notebook 

                     *  paper

                     *  pencils 


All 8th grade ELA students will be supplied with the following items:

     *  one data-binder

     *  one Collections textbook

     *  one Close Reader workbook

Students are encouraged to use traditional three ring binders, not large zipper binders.  Large binders do not fit under the desks, and many have straps that pose a tripping hazard in the classroom.  Plus, students often carry unnecessary items in their binders.


This is a list of useful, but optional, items:

                     *  colored pencils or crayons

                     *  calculator (see math teachers for information about acceptable calculators)

                     *  plastic pencil box

                     *  flash drive

These optional items are to be left in lockers unless the teacher indicates it is going to be used in class that day. 


Backpacks and tote bags are not permitted in the classroom.  Students must leave these items in their assigned lockers.  Bags and straps pose a tripping hazard in the classroom due to our large class sizes. Exceptions are made for small supply bags containing urgent use medically-necessary items such as diabetic supplies, asthma inhalers, epi-pens, and other items as indicated by the school nurse.  

 Band instruments need to be taken to the band room before first period.  

 Lunch boxes are permitted in fourth period class only.   


In addition to any items listed in the "prohibited items" of the student handbook, I also have a few items that should be left in lockers due to my allergies.  Please do not bring any of the following items into my classroom:

                     *  scented lotions, sanitizer, perfumes, or body sprays

                     *  Sharpie markers

                     *  any highly-scented item